Prince Edward County aka Wine County

Distance from Toronto to Picton 121km

We weren’t sure what to expect from Prince Edward County but driving into town with miles upon miles of farms and vineyards, we realised it’d be pretty different from the hustle of Niagara and Toronto.

This stop on our route was a complete stab in the dark during planning. Ultimately we picked it because it broke up the journey between Toronto and Ottawa. And I’m so glad we did!

Prince Edward County has a population of only 25,000 people and over 30 vineyards. We had arrived in wine county!

Sandbanks Winery & Vineyard

With so many vineyards to pick from, we took another stab in the dark – hey it worked well so far – and picked one at random. Sandbanks Winery & Vineyard is one of the newer wineries in the county and has risen quickly to become one of the most well known wine producers in Ontario.

After enjoying sampling some of their delicious wine we took a tour with our wine tasting guru. A fellow Brit who moved out to Canada many moons ago and never looked back. Go John!

I’d like to think that I’ve broadened my wine knowledge as a result. No more house reds for me!

Sandbanks Provincial Park

It’s not your usual summer holiday, but it is still a holiday and therefore it’d be rude not to head to a beach wouldn’t it? Also gave us the opportunity to have a little paddle in Lake Ontario!

The Acoustic Grill Bar

And the stabs in the dark just kept coming, this time in the form of finding somewhere fun to eat. The Acoustic Grill Bar does exactly what it says on the tin! It was like being in a movie (listen to me, I’ve turned Canadian already). Couldn’t think of anywhere better to have my first burger and fries on this trip.

Mustang Drive In Cinema

Our last stab in the dark was something that we drove past on our way into town. A retro drive in movie theatre. I genuinely thought these only existed in Grease!! As you can tell I was pretty excited.

You drive in, pay your $20 to the lady sat in the bus and head down to the screen to find a good spot. Luckily our Airbnb host advised us to get there early and take some towels… that second part was odd. Odd until the sun went down and the swarm of mozzies came out that is!

As it’s too hot to sit in your car with the windows up, simply roll them down and tuck a towel in the door covering the window. Voila! A mosquito free zone!

It was such a wonderful experience to sit amongst the local families and join in with such a common pastime.

If only the U.K. wasn’t perpetually drizzley I’d consider opening one myself…

We stayed in an incredible Airbnb in Picton. I’d highly recommend it if you’re visiting this way!

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