Guess who’s back…

How can it be three years since I was last here? Scary that time has gone in the blink of an eye but unlike my last break, albeit a lot longer, so much has changed.

I’m in an amazing job, I’ve fallen in love and I’ve relocated, twice! It’s been a wonderful whirlwind.

Happiness and contentment at home doesn’t come without a price though. For those of you who also have wanderlust carved deep into your heart, you’ll know the constant battle of weighing up whether to pack that backpack and head off to explore. Or stay home and carry on with the wonderful life that’s weaving around you.

That’s why I’ve decided to try and do both!

Since January 2nd I’ve saved up my holiday allowance. All of it, bar one day. Six months hard graft for three new adventures.

This year I’ll be heading to:

Canada for a roadtrip from Toronto to Quebec

Prague – my first solo trip in nearly 5 years!

Tromsø, Norway to celebrate my 30th birthday. Which reminds me, I better look at updating my web address…

I’m under no illusion that it’ll be different from months submerged in another land, another culture. But, for now, I can experience another part of our beautiful world with Scott by my side, whilst my tapestry continues to weave around me.

So that’s me for now, I’ll be back on the 16th July for my customary airport post.

It may be five years on but I still don’t know whether I’m flying from Gatwick or Heathrow!

Ps. If our last flight was anything to go by I’ll have plenty of time to keep you all updated with my adventures.

I wouldn’t have minded apart from the fact I paid £30 to sit next to an oversized sleeping towel.

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