One month on…

Today officially marks my first month back in the UK and with the mayhem of Christmas and New Year well and truly passed, as well as the welcome departure of the dreaded Asia belly (finally!), I thought it was high time to check back in.

“So what have you been doing for the past month?” I hear you cry, “Probably enjoying putting your feet up and being a lady who lunches!” Wrong!

After stepping foot of my Oman Air flight at 7pm on the 22nd December, I hit the ground running – with only two days until Christmas it didn’t give me much time to fill my Santa sack. Luckily I’d already stocked up at Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak Weekend Market so my list was small… some Grandparent-friendly gifts were definitely on the cards though. After reacclimatising myself to shopping malls and outrageous prices at a super-sonic speed, (really, who would pay £4 for a ballpoint pen?!), it didn’t take long and Christmas shopping on a budget was done!

Normal Christmas spend = Let’s just say a couple of hundred… ish

Christmas spend Asia style = £74

The Christmas and New Year period went by in a flash and I can truly say I gladly took the opportunity to visit friends and family. Something which I hadn’t treasured so much in a long time. Then January 5th reared it’s ugly head and as friends and family went back to work time stopped. I know what you’re thinking, drama queen. But after nearly three months of seeing and experiencing something new everyday, suddenly the world seemed to slow down and it was back to reality…

You’ll be glad to hear that I haven’t ‘rested on my laurels’ so to say; my alarm clock hasn’t missed a day, pyjamas haven’t become daywear and I couldn’t recite you the daytime television schedule. If being away taught me anything, it’s to grasp each and every day with both hands, time is a gift and not something to be frittered.

So right now I may be living with my parents, be stone cold broke and an unfortunate unemployment statistic as a result of my escapade, but whilst I settle back into ‘everyday life’ I shall leave you with these wise words…

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Taling Chan Floating Market

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