One night in Bangkok

So where to start with Bangkok? Apparently it’s been awarded the title of world’s best city four years in a row… Now I don’t know how best to describe the city, apart from a total battering of the senses. Everything about it seems to shock you. From the sounds, to the sights, even the way you breathe. I can only say it’s like being trapped in a butterfly house with millions of people who are all badgering you to buy a suit. Pure mayhem!

But incredible mayhem. I wanted to travel to Asia to experience another culture, and boy does Bangkok give you that.


People have next to nothing, stray dogs roam the street and don’t even bother looking at the kitchens of some ‘restaurants’ – it’s enough to give Kim and Aggie a heart attack ten times over!

With only one day to explore the city before heading on our way, we decided to have a nice relaxed walk around. Here are some things we learnt that day…

– Don’t get in a taxi if they refuse to put the meter on. Flat rate taxis will end up costing you double, or even triple of what it should! And definitely don’t believe them when they say ‘oh it’s because the traffic is bad’. Lies!

– ‘You’re from the UK? My son going to university in Nottingham.’ Not on your nelly! A two minute interaction will soon see you bundled off into a tuktuk enroute to the next tourist scam.

– Now I admit I’m no expert. I 100% didn’t do enough reading up on this wonderful place before I got here, but I’m pretty sure that not everyday is a Buddhist holiday. Politely make your excuses with these smartly dressed locals and make your way to your original destination – 9 times out of 10 it will, like you expected, be open.

Please note: yes these are all from experience.

Southeast Asia is famous for being on the cheaper side. A beer and meal for next to nothing, an hour taxi ride for about £1.50. Incredible!


As we’ve scheduled in another five days in Bangkok before our flights home (boo hiss), we decided to pick one temple from the map and go visit – wetting our appetite for the next time. So in the blistering heat we made our way through the crowded streets to Wha Pho Temple; all the while panicking about whether our new ‘Asia pants’ and scarfs would cut it for ‘appropriate dressing’. Well we shouldn’t have worried! Surrounded by scantily clad women we confidently strutted in.


Please note: If you plan to head to the temples in Thailand, please please think about what you’re wearing. It’s suggested that you wear trousers that cover the knees and tops that cover the shoulders and cleavage as not to offend the local people and monks. Failing this, you may well be subjected to a neon green dressing gown instead. Not so attractive now ‘ey?

After getting lost in the Wat Pho temple, we finally found what we were all looking to see, the Reclining Buddha. At 46m long and 15m high, the reclining Buddha depicts his passing into Nirvana.


After marvelling at the great Buddha, the women in their neon green dressing gowns and witnessing a multitude of selfie fails, it was time to hot foot it to the airport. Next stop, Cambodia….

Stayed in: Khaosan Immjai Hostel
Great little hostel, only a ten minute walk from Khaosan Road. Staff were lovely! Not really the best place to meet another travellers but a quiet retreat in an otherwise hectic city.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Leanna says:

    Another great blog post which really captures the feelings of arriving Bangkok. This makes me wish I was back in Asia. Missing you already xo


  2. Leanna says:

    p.s. I loved the reclining Buddha, it was one of my faves 🙂


  3. Lin says:

    Seems Thailand is much the same as it has ever been. In a few weeks you will be so scam wise so don’t worry. Have a wonderful time and push you boundaries! Great reading about your adventures but also very jealous xxx


  4. jess says:

    Ahhhh one of the few places u are visiting that I can say I’vebeen! ! Remember thereclining buddha and thebatwing ofthe senses!! Isecond leanna missing u already. .xxx


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