Here we go again…

With my last post being over 10 months ago, I know doesn’t time fly, I thought I should update you all on what I’ve been up to. Now, I’d love to tell you how drastically my life has changed since my last trip, but you see the truth is… it hasn’t. I’m still in the same job, living in the same place and pretty much doing the same thing. I have however gained a few things; blonde hair, a puppy, a slight obsession with the gym and thanks to my last trip, a whole new and even more positive outlook on life.

It’s true that sitting on the plane on the way back from Australia I thought my life would have been different to what it is now. And it is, but just not in the way that I thought… I haven’t moved anywhere exotic, fallen in love or worked out what the hell I want to do with my life, but it has to be said that I’ve had one of the happiest years ever! And what better way to celebrate than packing my bag and getting on another plane?!


In precisely 35 days I shall be Bangkok bound, ready to embark on my Southeast Asian adventure. However this time, there will be three main differences:

1. Obviously, the destination. Or destinations should I say? Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

2. I’m ditching the MASSIVE rucksack and going for a very optimistic 45L backpack. Time to start practicing folding my rolling my clothes and shoving pants in my shoes.

And most importantly…

3. Instead of being a lone ranger, I will be with three of my closest friends. And yes, even after two months of living in each other’s pockets I’m sure we will come back closer than ever. Or hating each other… that was a joke by the way.

So the countdown is on! I’ve had six of my nine vaccinations, bought my ‘compact’ backpack and very bravely, or very stupidly, handed my notice in (I’ll let you know how that goes come January).

If you fancy following this twenty somethings trip around Southeast Asia then make sure you keep an eye on this blog, it’s bound to be even more amusing than the last. But for now, I shall leave you all to your slippers and roast dinners.

Please note: Adhering to tradition I will be writing my next post from Heathrow airport, or could it be Gatwick…

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