Australia’s largest sand island: Fraser Island

What better way to celebrate my last Australian adventure than abandoning civilisation and heading out to the world’s largest sand island for three days of… camping.

My first thought that morning was ‘what am I thinking’? I hate hate hate camping! Even at festivals, give me a hotel instead of a tent any day! But as this trip was all about stepping outside my comfort zone, it had to be done.

The Fraser Island tag along tour sees 32 people squeeze themselves into four 4x4s and madly attempt to keep up with the lead vehicle whilst not getting stuck in the sand.

Less than ten meters onto the sand we got stuck. Luckily we’d all watched the compulsory 90 minute safety video before we left, so out we jumped and the pushing began. Thirty minutes and two tow vehicles later we were free! It’s all fun and games… the first four times it happens anyway.


Whilst the 90 minute safety video covered driving on sand, near the sea and dingo awareness. At no point did it mention ‘take a torch’. Now in my eyes, this is much more important than being told ‘don’t drive into the sea and don’t drive off the edge of sand cliffs’. Health and safety gone mad! What happened to Darwin’s theory survival of the fittest?

Anyway, after turning up to the campsite and finding out there was in fact no power, I started to wish I’d used my nonexistent ‘survival instinct’ and brought a torch.

Watching thirty people try and cook their evening meal by the light of their iPhones is indeed quite funny, until you remember that a) you’re doing the same and b) your iPhone will be dead after the first day and therefore it’s cooking in the dark tomorrow.


So this is the part that confuses me, we had to cook by torchlight but there was an onsite nightclub; Winkeys.

In this case, the definition of a nightclub is a bandstand which includes a flashing rope light and aux cable. But still, priorities people. Not one to complain though, it was brilliant fun!

Over the three days we visited the most beautiful spots including the natural lazy river at Eli Creek and my personal favourite Champagne Pools.

Champagne Pools

Champagne Pools

Indian Head

Indian Head

The island is not only beautiful by day, but arguably even better at night. As the sun goes down, the stars come out. Due to the lack of power on the island, the stars are the brightest I have ever seen. So stunning that it stops you in your tracks and you all end up standing around looking up at the sky, guaranteed with a tear in your eye.

That moment is one I will never ever forget, standing in the pitch black, looking up at the endless beauty above me. The best things in life really are free.

After three days of no bed, no shower and sharing the ‘bathroom area’ with massive spiders, I couldn’t have been prouder of myself. Not only had I endured my three day camping experience, but I’d made some of the best friends and had the most unforgettable time.

Just another example of many that proves you never know what you can achieve until you put yourself out there. You never know, you might even enjoy it.

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