Hello Sydney!

First and foremost, many apologises for the lack of posts this last week. To be honest I’ve been too busy having fun!

News of the week, I’m now in Sydney! After a delayed flight from Brisbane on Monday morning, thanks Jetstar, I met up with the rest of my OzIntro tour group and got straight on the bus to go jet boating around Sydney Harbour.

Now, when I read jet boating on the itinerary I thought ‘woo fast boat’. Well… it was a very fast boat indeed. Thunder Jet Boating is described on the company website as an ‘extreme adrenaline ride’. And extreme is was. 360 degree spins, handbrake turns, soaked isn’t the word!

I have to say, flying around Sydney Harbour in the sunshine with Backstreet Boys blasting is right up there on my list!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy says:

    Backstreet boys?!! That’s a bit passé isn’t it? Was the keyboard coal powered? Haha!! Loving the posts hun. Keep it up. Xxx😜


  2. Andy says:



  3. Chockley says:

    All sounds amazing! Cannot wait to hear what you are up to next. Sounds Luke Sydney will be a lot of fun. X


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