What better way to spend a boiling hot Sunday other than lounging around on a beautiful beach? The answer, nothing.

Just an hours drive from Brisbane, Mooloolaba is the type of beach you would expect to see on a postcard.

I wasn’t brave enough to venture into the sea this time (it doesn’t help that my fear of sharks is now legitimate), ‘turning pages’ on my kindle was the most energetic thing taking place this afternoon.

But I’d just like to let you all know that after a couple of hours lying in the boiling sunshine, I didn’t burn! Thank you Piz Buin.

The day ended with a beautiful evening meal on the waterfront with the McHale family. Steak and sunsets, what more do you need?



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  1. Chockley says:

    That sunset picture is beautiful. Nothing wrong with a restful afternoon on beach with a book – sounds lively. Bit of toe tipping in water is a must though surely? X


    1. Toe dipping is on the cards for Moreton Island this week. Got snorkels and everything! If I get eaten by a shark, at least I’ll have proven my point! Silver lining and all that xx


  2. Andy says:

    Don’t worry about the sharks. You need to get your face into the water and experience the beauty which lies beneath. Sounds like a relaxing trip so far though; beach day and then steak and sunset. Marvellous!
    Keep us posted further. X


  3. Leanna says:

    Loving your blog. Sounds likes you’re having an amazing time and I’m totes jel! Missing you and hoping you don’t get eaten by a shark🐟 xxxx


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