I’ve cracked it already…

I now know why people never return from Australia, it hasn’t got anything to do with the stunning weather, chilled atmosphere or beautiful people, it’s the horrific flight they can’t bring themselves to take ever again. In all honesty, I don’t think it would have been that bad if the girl two rows back wasn’t sick for the entire journey… pleasant ey? Although I guess the whole experience was a lot worse for her.

Also I’ve worked out why people who visit here are so well behaved, Customs. The man made me so nervous he soon had me questioning whether I had a dead animal or fruit tree in my holdall. Luckily I didn’t and was sent on my way.

So after meeting my host and subsequently losing the car park ticket (well done Rhys) I had a bleary eyed tour around New Farm and jumped out the car at Kangaroo Point to take some photos of the city. Not only stunning views, but pretty surprised by the skyscrapers as I’d got it into my head that I’d be staying in the middle of nowhere.

Please note: I’ve been assured I’m not the only person who didn’t realise Brisbane had skyscrapers.

An hour later, my body crashed.


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  1. Chockley says:

    Ha ha. It’s only funny as I was not the one suffering – either the vomiting or the sound effects of it!! Poor girl. Love it how security checked you out at both ends, so to speak!!

    Still you are there now and hopefully your body clock will find its new time zone. Enjoy and keep posting your stories – making me laugh lots. X


  2. Lin says:

    Great to hear you have arrived safe and sound and really looking forward to hearing all about your travels in person!!! Don’t worry about the flying you do get very use to it the more you do it. You will soon find some interesting managment strategies to deal with the bordom etc. Have fun and really enjoy everything!! X


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